Where West meets East

Next Bulgaria through Turkey and into Georgia!

Bulgaria memorable for first sight of Black Sea – was pretty blue actually. Everywhere seems quiet as out of season but friendly enough folk and fabulous scenery with mountain roads with Amber down into 1st gear at times!

Entered Turkey at small mountain border crossing taking about an hour to sort out stuff but all very friendly and interested in Amber Soon down from the hills and onto motorway with heavy wind and loads of crazy trucks making it fun. Bit of a worry when we came to leave motorway as flashing lights and alarms going off but no where to pay or anyone about so just drove on and learnt after that tourists get 15 days free motorway Phew had memories of Midnight Express!

Our Fab App Park for the night gave us a great parking site which was 10 mins walk from Blue Mosque and beside the Bosporus with Ramadan just starting it was an interesting place later on with families picnicking and Mosque calling to prayers Dolphins swimming and a fab Full moon vey atmospheric!

The other Highlight of Istanbul was getting a haircut and beard trim from a genuine Turkish Barber Took longer that planed as he decided my ears were too hairy and got the hot wax out, yup it did hurt but a good experience and I look less of a hedge monkey now !

Left Istanbul Monday morning in the traffic which was interesting and went on forever . It’s the second biggest population within city limits in the world so pretty busy eh?Followed Black Sea coats road from Istanbul eastwards having gone over the Bosporus Bridge and leaving Europe and entering Asia. A day of motorways and mountains following the coast which we have done for the last week stopping off along the way .A great place with super friendly people and stunning empty roads Amber much impressed with the long flat sections of motorway with only one or two cars to be seen cracking on ta a steady 80 kph achieving a staggering 23.73 mpg! Total mileage so far 3973 miles done without a drip being dropped ,well not that I can see!

we decided we deserved a night in a hotel in Rize so for less than two rounds in the Catherine wheel a 5 star hotel with sees views ,swimming pool and sauna had to be done . we really needed to get a decent WiFi signal to be able to talk to Hazel n Reg as it was her 25th birthday whilst travelling in Guatemala. And also to update this yer blog!

leaving Turkey soon as about 1 hr from border so the adventure continues ! Got to find some more decent WI FI tonight as we are going to listen to Radio Devon commentating on The Exeter Chiefs v Northampton in premiership Semi Final! come on you Chiefs

Simple signage
Went for a paddle in the Black sea and couldn’t resist it! the bulldozer that is.
Spot Amber ! Parked up in Sozopol marina for the night £3 for toilets , showers and security Bargain!
Gave her a birthday as want to be clean for Istanbul
Grey Unimog, Amber Defender, Blue VW, Orange VW and Blue Mosque!
Awesome park up for two nights in Istanbul beside the Bosporus
10 mins from Amber the Blue Mosque
This Bazaar is Bizarre! thankfully managed to buy nowt!
Had to be done !
Compleat with an ear waxing ouch! And no I didn’t go for the Back,Sac n Crack option
Grub up ! Sat watching Rugby scores being updated on BBC whilst munching on these bad boys! and watching the odd Dolphin.
Yup Confirmed Exeter Chiefs Top of table two years running with a poor performance from our European Champions ! Bring on Northampton next week end in the semi’s!

3 thoughts on “Where West meets East

  1. Great stuff. Sounds brilliant. I hope you are taking time to enjoy some great food and soak in the local hospitality.
    Lovely and sunny here, you know, usual stuff, shorts on, shirts off, too much saggy flesh on show (and thats just me!!) and people complaining its too hot as soon as the sun shines. Business as usual but with a Tory leadership battle to entertain us. The joys the joys.


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