Where West meets East

Sunday Sherry!

Sue gone Muzzie!

Bridge from west to east
Parked up at a wedding venue
Private beach for wild campers
Hot shower anyone?
Sunset with thunder and lightening
Just giving the solar panel a wash as battery loosing the battle!
Stopped three times to pick up these little guys to save them from getting squashed
Parked by beach and Douglas fir trees
Fab roads, sometimes.
After 3 weeks travelling we thought a hotel would be good to get WiFi and say happy birthday Hazel!
Spledid place !
Morris Leyland obviously didn’t like the British bit!
Latest modification to Amber to stop the rain getting it works a treat until you need to open door!
Find Amber!
Happy Birthday Hazel via Face ache!

3 thoughts on “Where West meets East

  1. Great stuff. Sounds brilliant. I hope you are taking time to enjoy some great food and soak in the local hospitality.
    Lovely and sunny here, you know, usual stuff, shorts on, shirts off, too much saggy flesh on show (and thats just me!!) and people complaining its too hot as soon as the sun shines. Business as usual but with a Tory leadership battle to entertain us. The joys the joys.


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